Best Rent a Car in Islamabad Without Driver

You are most welcome to the website of Rent a Car Islamabad Without Driver. We are the leading car rental agency in the capital of Pakistan. We take care of the comfort and convenience of our esteemed clients by providing them cars in top running condition. Move in style and total comfort on the streets of Islamabad using our high quality and very efficient car rental services. RCI Rent a Car is recognized by its customers as a highly reliable car rental agency that provides cars at most competitive prices.

High Quality Service at Reasonable Rates

Rent a car Islamabad has the sole aim to serve its customers at most reasonable prices. Profit is not our motive and we take pride in the satisfaction of our customers. It is no surprise then that our clients keep coming back to us whenever they need a car in Islamabad. Despite charging lowest prices, we are able to maintain a large fleet of top quality cars. We have the car of your choice ready for you no matter what you need.

Our Vehicles

From Honda and Toyota to Mercedes and BMW, you name it and you have it from us. We have all top models from leading automobile companies. Honda City, Honda BRV and Honda Civic from Honda, Toyota Grandi, Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota Corolla GLI, Toyota Vitz, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser Prado from Toyota, Limousine, SUV and Suzuki Swift amd Suzuki APV from Suzuki. Get small and zippy fuel efficient cars as well a large SUV’s for total comfort on the road from us.

Rent a Car Islamabad with Driver

Traffic on streets of Islamabad can be very busy at times. If you do not feel comfortable driving a car yourself, you should go for a rent a car Islamabad with driver from us. Get a car that is fully insured along with a driver who is a thorough gentleman. He will take you around in Islamabad with care and safety. They are trained to keep you free from all kinds of stress and worries at all times.

Rent a Car Islamabad Without Driver

If you are familiar with traffic conditions and feel confident about your driving skills, you can rent a car Islamabad without driver. Get the car of your choice in top running condition at lowest possible tariffs from the leading car rental agency of Islamabad.

We Can Suggest a Tariff Plan

Plan that saves your hard earned money depending upon your stay and requirements in terms of vehicle. Do not hesitate to talk to our representative who will suggest the best possible rental plans to you.

Swift Movement Inside The City

All our cars at the disposal of Rent a Car Islamabad with driver are regularly serviced and kept in optimal running condition. You can rest assured of a fast and efficient movement in Islamabad when you take a car on rent from us. We treat our clients with utmost respect and courtesy. This is the reason why most people prefer to take a car on rent from our company. Rent a car Islamabad the next time you need a car for your swift movement inside the city.

Land Cruiser Prado 2018


Corolla Gli 2018-19

Corolla Gli 2018-19

Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift